Water Heater Pilot Orifice

A water heater pilot orifice controls the flow of gas to the pilot. Gas
orifices are engineered to strict  tolerances. A tiny amount of debris
will interfere with the operation of the pilot light.

When to check a pilot orifice and supply tube.
If your air vents are clean, the thermocouple is good, and you are
still having pilot trouble, a restriction in the orifice could be the

How to Remove and Clean a Pilot Orifice

water heater pilot tube

The pilot orifice is located at the end of the pilot supply line. You will need to shut the gas off and remove the burner

Help file for removing the burner.

Unscrew the pilot line from the pilot head.

The orifice looks like a tiny brass cup.

water heater gas pilot orifice

This is the orifice up close. You can see how tiny the hole in the center is.

Hold it up to a light and look through it. Tap it on something and/or blow through it if its clogged.

Blow through the pilot supply tube to be sure its not clogged. Reassemble the pilot tube and orifice. Don't forget to reinstall the orifice. Reinstall the burner assembly and try to light the pilot again.

Water heater Burner Orifice

The burner/manifold orifice controls gas flow to the burner. These
orifices have a much larger port hole than pilots.
Gas pressure will push small debris through the line and out the port.
Its very unusual for these orifices to clog up.

How to Remove a Burner Orifice

water heater orifice located under the burner

Remove the burner from the water heater.
The orifice is located directly under the
burner between the two screws.

remove screws from orifice bracket

Turn the burner upside down and remove
the two screws holding the orifice assembly.

brass pilot light orifice

Flip the burner back over and raise the
assembly bracket away from the orifice.

remove orifice with a box end wrench

Remove the orifice with a box end wrench.

Orifices are made of brass, which is very

A box end wrench will lessen the
chance of rounding off the head.

orifice removed

The orifice removed.

Natural and LP gas water heaters operate under different

If you are switching from one gas to the other, you would
need to change out the gas valve and orifices.

older burner/manifold

This is a different style of burner. If your burner looks like this, you

will not have to disassemble anything.

This orifice is easy to remove.

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