Flush Hot Water Heater

Are you looking for flush hot water heater help? The step by step guide below will show you how to drain and flush your tank.

If your trying to drain an older water heater the drain valve may clog.
If this happens, the best thing to do is replace the valve with a ball valve. Instructions are lower down this page.

How to drain the tank

water heater flush

Electric units -Turn the power off.

Gas units - Set the control knob to the pilot position.

Shut the water supply off to your
water heater.

Remove the aerator from the kitchen faucet and turn on the hot water side.
This will allow air into the tank so it can drain. Removing the aerator will keep it from getting clogged when the water is turned back on.

Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and drain the tank.

When your tank is empty you can remove your drain valve and install
a ball valve or you can try a flush with your regular drain valve.

To flush hot water heater- turn the water supply on and off several
times, each time allowing the heater to drain until its empty.

You'll only want to add 3 to 5 gallons each time. Do this until the water
runs clear.

When you're finished, close the drain valve and refill the tank.

Let the hot side of the kitchen faucet run until all the air is out of the
line. Replace the aerator.

Turn the power on (electric unit).

Turn the control knob back to the on position (gas unit).

If you have a problem getting the tank to drain, go to
drain water heater for help.

Ok, your finished with the hot water heater flush. If you would like to
clean your water heater while you have it empty it will only take a few
minutes. Go to cleaning hot water heater 

Flush hot water heater with a ball valve

ball valve used to flush water heater

This is a brass 3/4 in. ball valve.

You can buy plastic ball valves but after they get a little age on on them, they are hard to turn and the handles will eventually break.

Looking through the center of this ball valve you can see how large the opening is.

There is nothing in a water heater tank that will clog this valve.

Besides the ball valve you will need two 3/4 in. nipples.

The nipple in the pic is a dielectric nipple. It's coated with plastic both inside and on the ends.

These nipples will not rust. The ends are flat which makes them ideal for attaching a drain hose.

Prepare the ball valve to be installed.

Using Teflon tape or pipe dope screw the nipples into the ball valve ( see pic).

Apply tape or pipe dope to the end you'll be screwing into the water heater.

You will want the valve handle to open away from the tank when you open it.

attach garden hose to ball valve

Remove the drain valve and install
the ball valve.

remove handle from valve for safetyy

After your finished with the water heater flush and/or cleaning its best to reinstall a regular drain valve.

If you do leave the ball valve on
Take the handle off and put a
cap on the end.

A child can turn these valves
on and get burned.

If your drain valve clogged while you were trying to drain your tank you can install a ball valve with a full tank of water.
Follow the link below and install the ball valve instead of a new valve as the page suggest.

Water heater drain valve

Now is a good time to clean your water heater while you have it
empty. Its an easy job and will increase the life of your heater.
When you see what comes out of it you'll be glad you did.

How To Clean A Water Heater

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