Water Heater Tutorials, Advice, Parts

Want to learn how to repair your water heater?

Maybe you just want to know what's wrong with it before you call a repairman.

In most areas you can expect to pay $100.00 to $150.00 for a simple repair.

Many problems are easy fixes. Some are more complicated.

You should only attempt repairs if you feel confident to do so safely.

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Most hot water problems are covered on this site.

If you find yourself with limited resources and no hot water, you should find the information you need here.

Here are some of the things you'll find on this site:

• How to solve low hot water pressure problems.

• How to check or replace a relief valve.

• What to do when a drain valve is clogged.

• Hot water sizing guide guide.

Maintenance tips for both gas and electric units.

• How to light a pilot light.

• Best price on under sink hot water tanks.

Residential Storage water heater

Also referred to as tank-type or tank style units. Residential
water heating units range in size from 2 1/2 gallon to 120 gallons.
Most common are electric and gas ( natural and lp).

Gas water heaters

Gas units are popular among larger families because of their quick recovery.

Operating cost of a gas unit depends on the area you live in and time of year.

Liquid propane ( lp ) can range from $.80 a gallon during the summer months and upward $4.00 a gallon in winter months. Natural gas prices are generally stable.

Gas units have generally become more complicated and less reliable
over the last several years.

With the event of digital gas valves, inaccessible fresh air vents
mounted in the bottom of the unit, hard to find unusual parts,
homeowners find themselves paying for high price service calls
for what was once a simple do-it-yourself repair.

If you are shopping for a new gas unit, keep it simple if you expect
to do future repairs yourself.

Look for a heater with the old tried and true manual gas valve.

Fresh air vents should be on the side of heater where the filters

are easily accessible.

The thermocouple should have standard right hand threads that
have been used for the last 70 or so years. Left hand thread
thermocouples are hard to find and cost much more than the
standard thermocouple.

Electric Water Heaters

Improvement to electric units have been great for consumers. Low watt density elements create less sediment and last much longer than standard high watt density elements. Less sediment means longer tank life. Two anode rods instead of one also increases the life expectancy of the tank.